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The Way Tankers And Non Tankers Can Unite

LA Falcon

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This debate gets distorted between fans who want the team to lose to secure higher draft picks and fans who refuse to ever root against the team.  I get both sides. But nobody thinks anyone is going to be told to fumble, throw a pick, or miss tackles to secure losses.  Every time the team takes the field, it should be trying to win.

In my opinion, tanking should be about who you play.  Currently, the Falcons are eliminated from the playoffs.  They have serious cap issues going into next year and a number of guys will likely be cut.  Others are guys they want to cut, but might not be able to for all the cap complexities.

So in other words, identify the guys not coming back and stop playing them.  Bench Beasley.  Bench Campbell.  Bench Freeman.  Bench Trufant.  I could go on.  Even if you don 't outright bench guys, start playing guys like Gono, Senat, Graham, Oluokon, or Ollison/Hill for a majority of snaps .  (Can Miller get something?)

The point is play every young guy as much as possible to see what they are.  You never get the chance to evaluate young guys in real NFL games like this.  That's the silver lining of a horrible season.  And this decision has to come from the top (Blank).  Because Quinn will just keep playing any vet over rookies in the fleeting hope of saving his job (another reason why you fire the coach midseason, not at the end).  As another aside, bring back any young guys like Grace to get longer looks (or even grab guys off other practice squads the scouting staff has identified and put them on the 52)

If you play young guys, you can tell them to win.  They probably won't.  So in essence, you're trying to win, tanking at the same time, and getting excellent scouting on everyone on your roster in the process.  

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Quinn’s gonna go down swinging so I don’t see it happening but I agree. Tanking is just about young guys taking their lumps on the field. Your not deliberating telling them to lose but their inexperience will make it happen anyway. The added bonus of finding some keepers while securing an earlier selection of talent is worth it to me. 

From the business side I don’t see Blank agreeing to tank with that big brand new empty stadium. 

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