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December 2019 Recruiting Thread

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I've got a 2020 new years resolution for Kirby. Take the in state stud before he doesn't want you anymore.

I always imagined Jon Voight in Varsity Blues was an accurate representation of a Texas high school football coach.

SIAP   both Burch and Burton in town close it Kirby 

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Wonder if their could be some portal action at RB?

Do you guys see Cook leaving?  Fans were already perplexed why he didn’t play more and now with the off field stuff.

Personally I doubt it because you gotta believe Cook would be #2 RB coming into 2020 but it’s just spitballing speculation on why maybe Dawgs got back in on EVANS at last hour.

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Our team runs a pretty standard "Thunder and Lightning" RB setup with a "ground and pound" north south RB and "Lightning in a bottle" east west RB

This year our top RB was easily the lightning one, and that's Cook's type. Zeus found it easy to get on the field behind Herrien, but for Cook it was more difficult, since Swift almost never came off.

You saw a little glimpse of how Cook could be used in our last 2 games with Swift sidelined. 

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1 minute ago, VA F.O. said:

So again, the stuff about needing to overcome him getting far away from home was BS

Not sure what you're arguing against here

If we were going to get one or the other and we got the one who was at the top of our board, I’m not sure what there is to argue about either. Also it’s possible that he wasn’t thrilled about distance but was willing to give it a shot for the right opportunity. A lot of different factors go into a recruit’s decision and they’re all negotiable on some level. Only the Sith deal in absolutes.

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1 hour ago, VA F.O. said:

Reviews have been mixed, but I'm trying to keep expectations at zero going in

Didn't really know about or understand the hate on the last one till long after I saw it, still don't understand it

Never understood it either, but I go in with the intent to enjoy movies and not look for things to complain about.. 

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5 minutes ago, jeffro2000 said:

SoFl_ Dawg just put up the coffee mug as his source is saying the same. Sounds like it's happening. See where it goes from here.


SoFL_Dawg Posts: 

Welp...I’ve never been more excited and concerned at the same dámn time. I just heard from my source. I just hope it all works out.

Zachary Evans-talented no question; enigma? absolutely...nevertheless...HBTFD!

Untitled Image



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10 hours ago, g-dawg said:

I am not sure why anyone is conflicted with Evans.   If he gets to campus and is a walking/talking cancer - Kirby will invite him to leave.

”Yeah but the scholarship means someone else gets passed over” 

Soooooo what?   We can have 85 guys on scholarship at once and Evans would easily be one of the best 30 players on the roster.

If Kirby & Dell want to invest in the kid and the talent, go for it - the bell can be unrung if need be.

I know rankings don’t matter, but Evans is  ranked #34 in 247 All Time ranking.  I’ll take the talent and hope he matures

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