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Isn't Burrow pretty much unanimously expected to go to the Bengals #1 overall at this point?

TD doesn't believe in best player available. Unless it directly helps his prized gem Ryan.

By far the best QB in the draft, he is a Aaron Rodgers clone. I have been saying all along that I want Falcons to go o-line with Andrew Thomas or D-line with Derek Brown but if we continue to lose and

1 hour ago, 2_legit_2_legit_2_quit said:

Would Joe Burrows be one of your top picks? 

If available you have to take him.  Sit him a year behind Ryan then trade MR for a 1st & 2nd which makes it easier to eat 18 million in dead CAP.  It then opens up 35 million in CAP in 2022 to fix the defense with.  Cut Free, Tru, Brown, Carp, Ty & Rico next offseason and it clears another 35 million

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1 hour ago, youngbloodz said:

Arthur wouldn’t allow it so you might as well talk about Jesus coming back and playing QB for Atlanta. Cause Ryan will be the starting qb for the Atlanta falcons for the next three years

That's why this is, always has been, and will always continue to be a losing franchise...  Nuff said.

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