Quinn gloating after onside recovery

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1 minute ago, athell said:

This is a really big reach...come on...he was excited his team recovered an onside.  There was no gloating at all.  This coming from a guy who can't wait for Quinn to be gone...

And it was the 3rd kick we recovered. ****, I was excited too and I don’t even want us to win anymore games this year!! 

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3 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

Did Payton make your ST coach walk home.??

Man, if our ST unit hasn’t been as solid as it has been so far this year I would be all for it. I know he got an *** chewing from Payton after that ordeal though.

I don’t remember what thread I said it in, but I’m just hoping Koo is that **** good at hitting those kicks and not that we’re that bad at recovering them. It had to be that we haven’t practiced any onside kicks anytime recently because what we all witness was piss poor horrible.

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