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Who is the best OL Coach out there??

Fernando C.

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31 minutes ago, Cole World said:

Patriots Dante Scarnecchia but he’s not leaving NE.

Dude has been patching up the Pats Oline since forever. And the Pats were always hit hard with injuries, really hard. They were hit super hard this season and he held the group together so far. Combine that with the fact that they lost Gronk before the season and both if their fullbacks to IR and you realize the guy is a miracle worker. Mad respect to him.

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52 minutes ago, Rings said:

This is the only answer.  He takes scrubs and makes them pro bowlers, they then walk for a huge contract and look like garbage elsewhere.  They also scheme well around it, which helps.

I was just about to mention the last part of your post. They don't have a scheme that leaves their linemen out to dry. 

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7 minutes ago, Vandy said:

You guys still don’t get it. The biggest problem with the OL isn’t the OL coach.....it’s the OC’s play calling. 

As counterintuitive as it seems, any time you give up 9 sacks, it's deeper than the offensive line.  A lot deeper.


19 hours ago, Smiler11 said:

Probably Dante Scarnecchia or Mike Munchak. Rick Dennison is another. A lot depends on the scheme we want to run.

+1 for mentioning Dennision.  He's really good.  Minnesota got a real boom there getting Kubiak and Dennison.  That right there was Mike Shanahan's braintrust.  



And I would throw in Alex Gibbs, but I don't think he's coming out of retirement for anyone at this point.  Talk about helping the run game.  They used to coach the line and the backs together because of how precisely everything had to by synched up in that zone scheme.

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