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14 minutes ago, CrimsonFalcon said:

What happened to screen crazy Koetter?  First time around they were every couple of plays,  now we've only seen a couple all season.  Over the season,  it probably could've helped us alleviate some of the pressure we faced.  Did Koetter lose that page? 

Yeah. Where are those needed screens now?  He ran them so much before it was cliche. I’ve seen a few screens hit this season and was wondering what took him so long to dial that up. Could’ve definitely used more vs eagles. 

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2 hours ago, NWFALCON said:

Well the screen pass got Hooper’s leg amputated. The personnel we have suck at running screens. Most of the fail and are quickly diagnosed by the defense. We ran a few in the last game. 

I don't believe a screen play was what got Hoop injured.  I think that was on his TD catch against the stain.  

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On 11/29/2019 at 11:37 AM, Flyin' In DC said:

The screens that I have seen us try to run have failed miserably. Watching other teams do it flawlessly drives me crazy. We need an OC that can actually get the most out of the offensive talent we have

It's the middle screens to the RBs or TE that are most effective against pressure imo. Executing a middle screen requires a great acting job on the part of the QB. He's got to "sell" that he's actually panicked. For his entire career, Matt has never quite had this skill. He's a terrible actor, as that infamous "Anybody seen a shirt?" commercial showed.

In addition, it takes great technique on the part of the OL. You have to block a little, then let the guy go as if you missed. Unfortunately for our OL, that's what happens even when they are actuallyTRYING to block. So on screens they let the guys go even quicker, and Matt has no time to even get the pass off.

WE ARE AWFUL, SIMPLY AWFUL, at screen passes. And we have been this way for years.

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