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Grading the Staff


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I'e wasted my time rating players before but figured I would rate the coaching staff for fun.  I spared the lower level assistants.  Scale is A-F but I don't give F's to anyone unless I think they just aren't trying.

  • Dan Quinn:  (D-)  Like the guy but five years in we are the worst we've been.  
  • Raheem Morris:  (B)  Team has looked better, particularly on 3rd downs since he came over from WR where I'd give a similar grade.
  • Dirk Koetter  (D-)  No rhythm or identity under him, talent wasted.
  • Greg Knapp: (C)  Tough rate  given MR and Schaub are old hats but QB position has not been great so, I'll drop him a "meh".
  • Bernie Parmalee:  (C)  Also a tough rate as there's no blocking for RBs but guys seem to know what to do even if they can't do it
  • Dave Brock:  (NR)   Too new and Morris carried the WR group most of the season.
  • Mike Mularkey:  (B)  Blocking has been up and down but Hooper and Graham look good
  • Chris Morgan:  (D)  OL play is the Achilles of this O.  Poor technique and confusion (some is on Koetter but this group looks lost).  Boosted score a bit due to rookies and injuries
  • Jess Simpson:  (D+)  A few good weeks and Grady keep Jess and DL from being lower.
  • Jeff Ulbrich:  (B)  Having never been a DC, I'm grading on a curve and he is doing two jobs in managing the LBs and calling 1st and 2nd downs 
  • Jerome Henderson:  (C-)  Secondary has been all over the place but gets a boost with a number of young players trying to figure it out. 
  • Bob Sutton:  (D)  Nothing special and arguably he is just a DQ arm
  • Ben Kotwica:  (A-)   Kicking aside, ST is playing pretty good football.  Huge improvements throughout the year.
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