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Maybe next time we shouldn't openly talk **** about an opponent we see again in two weeks

bdog 29

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I'm not sure how many of you are active on social media but I knew the day we beat the Saints in NO that they'd come in here and take us to the woodshed. I was as happy about that game as the next guy but I'd never seen a team talk so much crap online. Just go through Kaleb McGary's Twitter likes and look how many tweets he liked disrespecting Cam Jordan (like the one below).

To me this is yet another indictment on the coach. Could you imagine Mike Smith letting his players get away with antagonizing the opposition?


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23 minutes ago, since68andcounting said:

He seriously posted this? Man, that's a problem. Guess what rook, glad you had fun bragging on a game nobody saw, cause you just got totally embarrassed on national TV. Wow.

Liking tweets and actually tweeting are not the same. There’s absolutely no issue with a player liking tweets. It’s an entirely different ball game when they’re actually the ones talking trash. 

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That hardly had anything to with the loss. In fact, if our kicker had hit his points, we’d have been able to just kick an xp on our first second half TD.  Then we’d have been positioned to kick a game tying FG, not trying to do the virtually impossible and get 2 onside kicks and score 11points in a couple of minutes. 

We lost because our personnel is inferior. We lost because our coaching and play calling are inferior. We lost because our FA and draft decisions have been inferior.  It’s time to stop living in 2016. 

I’ll hand it to the guys on the field. Aside from atrocious oline play basically from the word go, the guys didn’t embarrass themselves, which is shocking considering we are a bad football team versus a playoff team. 

Forget who we played or any chatter that happens on that online home for morons that is Twitter. We need to figure out how to beat the worst teams right now, not care that we lost by a score late to a good team. 

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Why are y'all such softies? First, McGary didn't talk trash. Secondly, Cam deserved it because he boosted himself up over a rookie and a rookie outplayed him.

Third, Cam is a professional and he came back strong in the 4th quarter. He would have done that whether someone talked trash or not. 

Sometimes talking trash is the fun of it all. Just be ready to back it up and if the other player wins the next time, then shake his hand and laugh it off. I promise you Cam is motivated but much more than trash talking.

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