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Clean Old Fashioned Hahaha: #4 Georgia vs Georgia Tech

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Sorry, did you say something? I can’t hear you over the sound of winning 11 games and the division 3 years in a row. Good luck in your bowl game... oh wait.

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4 minutes ago, theDIRTYcode said:

My best friend is a LSU fan. I'm gonna have to buy that ****** a case of corndogs. I'm already stocking up on the lube.....its not gonna be pretty.

I work with Navy recruiting in New York.  There are 3 people that are LSU fans.  I got to hear them all week about the Taints.  I do not need this 2 weeks in a row.    

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29 minutes ago, BamaBirdLady said:

I always pull for GA, until they play Bama!

But what I hate is that GA fans always complain about the refs anytime something doesn't go their way!

It's almost a mantra. 

Lol.. oh the irony

28 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

bama fans do it all of the time.. i am in bama game threads and they whine the entire game about officiating.  that isn't some new to UGA fans.. stop pretending it. 


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2 minutes ago, BamaBirdLady said:

I said it to my house full of Dawg fans that I may only concern for GA would be if they were looking ahead to SECCG.

I think Kirby needs to remind them that they need to win this game first to get into CFP!

yep.. jim donnan said the same thing.. he said there is no excuse, but this is the ultimate trap game with lsu next week.  

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