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Tampa Bay Going to be Tough Game

Refried Beans

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On 11/22/2019 at 6:16 PM, Knight of God said:

I’m a Bama fan. Even there I see every game as one that we can lose or win. That’s why the game has to be played. You can’t predict a game. The ball bounces, 22 different personalities with different lives, and injuries kept in the complete dark. Games are unpredictable.

We don’t like mantras and old fashioned outlooks anymore. Now all of these magical numbers are in use, but I still look at football as football. It’s how you play the game. Not my preferences or stats or anything. This game is as winnable as any and as easy to lose as any, but if this team leaves it all on the field then we’ve won no matter the score or outcome.

Stop thinking it boils down to personnel, staff, plays called, stats, metrics, and over/unders made for gambling and Fantasy Football. It boils down to the game. Can we get out there and play with controlled intensity, or do we give up when adversity strikes? That’s the only question in football.

Well. . . . ****

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Just now, falcons007 said:

Winston has best Rating against falcons with more TD and less Interceptions. 

Falcons are who we thought they were, we didn’t let them off the hook.

This right here!  DQ is done.  He knew it already. You just look at him on sidelines and he doesn’t even look connected.  

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