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Tampa Bay Going to be Tough Game

Refried Beans

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It was tight last season. Still remember that last play in week 6, where they almost tricked us for the w. 

It can be a tough one. This game is going to test if the D actually has improved or if it just an outlier. Facing a more mobile QB and  a better QB than Kyla Allen is going to be a harder challenge for the pass rush and the secondary. Hopefully number 44 has been given  incentives to continue the pressure on the QB. We still want a good compensatory pick from him. 

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3 hours ago, Refried Beans said:

Falcons - 4.5 too rich, this is a field goal game, Bucs have had tough schedule like Falcons, Crab Legs always plays Atlanta tight, and players, coaches and front office people on both teams got jobs on the line. Should be a good game that comes down to someone kicking a field goal. Falcons 24 Bucs 23

It shouldn't be THAT tough a game, especially, if our "D" balls out again!  I think, more like 34-17.  I just hope we don't let this be a "trap game", and ruin our momentum --- and hopes for a Wild Card!


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