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2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

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Hopefully this will be the pre-game speech Ed Ogeron delivers to the LSU players prior to kickoff.

8-0. Since 2000, that's the record in the SECCG of the team with the number 1 rated defense in the SEC.   I like this!

I hardly ever watch ESPN at all unless it's to watch a game. Their "analysts" have been a joke for years. Remember how they used to set up a mock court room skit with Mark May and Lou Holtz to talk ab

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11 minutes ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

We should keep rushing 3, should be happy w a sugar bowl... Kirby should be on hot seat next year, strictly based on big games and game day ability just a bad coach. Bad hires , scheme worse than right imo, because his teams are a lot more talented , he’s just a better recruiter 

You can’t be serious with this Kirby on the hot seat drama.... half his team is injured, it was obvious in the Notre Dame game this year, we just didn’t have the studs to win it all this year.  And as much as I have bashed Coley( and still think he sucks) he opened the game with aggressive play calls. Take into consideration all the drops tonight and we are playing without our playmakers swift, cager, etc. We still won 11 games this season with a less than stellar team.  As for big games, with exception to tonight our teams have showed up in big games.

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6 minutes ago, m2Falcons said:

LOL.  Like that's not what he's done without UGA hardly having any chance to get a hand on him, much less hit him hard.  In case you haven't noticed...  the few times GA has sent 5 are basically the only plays where the D managed to disrupt the LSU passing game.

Ya mon.  All they have to do is win every other play and its an easy win.  If only UGA listened to you they might be in the SEC championship once in a while.

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1 minute ago, SacFalcFan said:

I love my Dawgs, but an offense this bad has no business being in the CFP and if Kirby doesn't make some big changes offensively we won't win jack.. Yeah we will win the East every year because we are the most talented team, but we won't win jack in the CFP. 

Agreed! If Kirby was LSU coach he would’ve pulled his players by now. Orgeron risk injury to key players which doesn’t make sense. 

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Would seem undeniable that Kirby needs to upgrade the offensive coaching. Fromm has been bad the whole season. WRs have not helped him out much. No excuse for a team this talented, that has been practicing and playing together since at least June, to be this bad.

@wartownfalcon message me your email, nerd. I’ll pay my bet.

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1 minute ago, m2Falcons said:

It SHOULD be closer than that actually...  but between the stellar play of Simmons, Landers, and Fromm it's hard to do much on offense.  Fromm this season has just been atrocious far too often.

it's a rarity when a junior regresses like Fromm has, but he has regressed greatly.  he was one of the most accurate passers at the end of last year, but then this year he has been off from day 1.  

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