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2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU

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Hopefully this will be the pre-game speech Ed Ogeron delivers to the LSU players prior to kickoff.

8-0. Since 2000, that's the record in the SECCG of the team with the number 1 rated defense in the SEC.   I like this!

I hardly ever watch ESPN at all unless it's to watch a game. Their "analysts" have been a joke for years. Remember how they used to set up a mock court room skit with Mark May and Lou Holtz to talk ab

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2 minutes ago, wartownfalcon said:

“UGA players aren’t going to care about playing that game. There’s nothing to play for”

Remember the game against Texas last year...

Different situation.. but it seems like half our team will be injured and we still have Fromm...so no...I don’t see a good game coming

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Just now, g-dawg said:

Haha haha - you’re pathetic 

Ok, let's see, Georgia fan comes into Auburn/LSU game thread to attack me and whine about a game from 2 years ago but I'm the pathetic one and the *******? Yep, ok dude. BTW, notice how I didn't bypass the filter which is a COC violation? Very mature of you but I don't expect anything else from a Georgia fan.

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3 minutes ago, Spts1 said:

LSU will blow out Georgia... wait, they have...

Knew it all week long it was going to happen because they have even less offense than the falcons... their recievers suck and fromm has regressed to the point that if smart had any guts he should have benched him weeks ago....So sick of seeing him miss wide open players.  They have been WAY overrated all year and as much as I hate to see it, it was obvious this blow out was going to happen.  I hope this  wakes smart and uga up because they deserved this beat down.


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@Carter @TheTrue7 @Unknøwn @SacFalcFan @blkbigdog35 @RING OF HONOR @theDIRTYcode @sdogg @mike teevee

I'd like to apologize to you guys for having to put up with some of these Georgia fans that give you guys a bad rap and make the Georgia fan base as a whole very annoying. You guys are good peeps in my book and I enjoy talking to you guys about sports and stuff since you guys can actually have an objective conversation without turning it into a pissing match unlike some on here who like to turn to personal insults when it's not needed.

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