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2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU


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Just now, mike teevee said:

Ok. Now that this season is officially over. I hope we seriously try to go after a grad transfer at QB. At the very least we need a dedicated QB coach. 

I know Kirby will never drop Fromm at this point, but he is obviously the weak link this year. 

Like Greyson Lambert?

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I am used to being disappointed.  

I said earlier to my daughter we are playing in a championship game earlier.  She said "They are going to lose like usual.  I said be positive.

I just said it looks like we lost.  She said I told you so.  


At least I still have the 2017 National Championship runner up, 1995 Atlanta Braves and 1980 Georgia bulldogs.  I am depressed typing this.   

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3 minutes ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

We should keep rushing 3, should be happy w a sugar bowl... Kirby should be on hot seat next year, strictly based on big games and game day ability just a bad coach. Bad hires , scheme worse than right imo, because his teams are a lot more talented , he’s just a better recruiter 

Great recruiter.... average coach. A good DC as well. If GA looks like this next year, well, I’m glad we are competitive, but with our talent, we should be dominate.

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