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2019 SEC Championship: #4 Georgia vs #2 LSU


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11 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

i don't agree that coley has done a really poor job.. no oc we have has done a good job according to our fans.. the very same fans who hate coley, hated the previous oc, and hated bobo.  is coley great?  nope.. but losing your top 6 pass catchers and having just 9 catches return will hurt any team out there.. we are struggling offensively due to a lot of stuff and it's not just coley.. fromm, the wrs, rbs, and oline all have blame in this.. it's so easy to blame coley, but imo the blame goes around. 

But you just said yourself in an earlier post.  Our offense is not attacking the defense with the talent we DO have.  That's not something we could say about previous OC's.  Our offense is like a bad movie.  Whats the point?

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Geez so many injuries... Hate to see it going down like this. 

Georgia’s defense is very good, but you can tell they haven’t seen an offense anywhere near this level. None with this many playmakers at least. Still they aren’t playing terribly. The offense has got to do more. This is not a great LSU defense by any stretch of the imagination. Ole Miss ran for over 400 yards on them, Florida and Alabama threw all over them, and even Vandy had over 350 yards on them. I’m surprised Georgia hasn’t scored more 

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