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Falcons 3rd down conversion under Ryan


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Found this website interesting so figure I share it with you guys.  I was looking for 3rd down conversion % under Ryan since I always thought Ryan does such a great job at converting 3rd year in year out.  Well according to this website The Falcons 3rd conversion has ranked 6(2008), 11, 3, 6, 2, 5, 6, 2, 7, 5, 4, and 11(2019) since Ryan got here.  That's 6 top 5, 10 top 10, and never below 11th.  Now that's mighty impressive, especially considering how bad the Falcons had been at converting them 3rd and short because they could not run the ball after Turner(you guys remember all them stuffed 3rd and 1 runs under Smith right?).  I knew Ryan was good at converting 3rd down, but honestly I was shocked to find out how good he has been at keeping drives alive. 

Conversely I figure I would look at some other team and QB...like Russell Wilson.  Now I figure Wilson being a mobile QB and playing unbelievably well this year that his team 3rd down conversion would be good right?  Not so.  This year Sea is ranked 14 still behind Falcons at 11.  Matter of fact Sea under Wilson has ranked 12(2012), 18, 8, 3, 15, 20, 18, and 14(2019).  So just 1 top 5 and 2 top 10.

What about Rodgers and GB? 5(2008 1st year starting), 3, 7, 3, 10, 9(Rodgers played 9 games), 3, 27(2015 Rodgers was not injured surprisingly), 3, 13(Rodgers played 7 games), 22, 19(2019).  6 top 5, 9 top 10, and some dud.  Don't know what happened to him and GB in 2015.

I did not have time to thoroughly look through the ranking for Brady and Brees, but I did glance through and most year they are right up there int top 5 top 10 as expected.  There are some years that they did ranked below 11 though.  

So considering how many times Ryan has changed OC and how bad the running game has been at time, I thought it is remarkable that the team under Ryan has never ranked below 11th on converting 3rd down.  






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2 hours ago, Realsurfin said:

Matty takes a lot of sheeeeeet.  Our QB does not need replacing.  With the team playing so well its hard to re figure out our needs.  I have a theory.  We started playing great after we got Koo.  Its the Koo effect.  LOL :lol:

Its all about them young hoes. 

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