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MR2—#10 all time passing

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While the rest of you ninnies argue about Quinn, defense, yada yada, I’m going to celebrate Matt Ryan’s continued March to Canton...    

One day one of the greatest QBs in NFL history is going to leave this team and fans are going to wonder what they were *****ing about all the time.

He is hands down the best QBs in Falcons history.  Future hall of Famer and a reason ro take pride in the Falcons. 

One thing I hardly ever hear about is Matthew Thomas Ryan's: 

1). Durability - The man rarely misses time and is hardly out due to injury. He has not missed significant time in some time now, I think, since 2009.

2). Toughness - Bro has a ton of heart and is tougher than fans realize. He'll get right back up after fatty McFat lands on him and complete downfield on the next play.

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23 minutes ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

think about this:   If Ryan can put together four more solid seasons, he would finish with over 65,000 career yards and have an outside shot at 70,000, along with 400+ TDs.   

He’s going to Canton, ring or not

He's getting his ring next year. Ryan Allen won 49, 51, and 53, so why not 55?

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