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The winning is F’ing super sexy, but!!


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Is it real, or a facade l! I’m not sure or convinced that this team is for real, or a scripted depiction of what the NFL has mandated as a scripted chapter of the current position of the status of the NFL! Are they, the NFL this smart, this controlling, this powerful of the controlling faction of the membership?! I say f ing yes!!! The NFL organization controls, for whatever reason, MONEY,  the scripted story of how the season goes, year in and year out! 

sub plots abound as the season progresses and the map to the SB moves us all along! Poo poo if you want, but, Truth To Power, w/o any oversight, no oversight authority whatsoever leads to a scripted ending, which is specifically written by the NFL, for the NFL! 

Hail to the Brady and Pats phoney dynasty! Other teams are just playing their assigned parts! Yuck and puke!! 

Fuchkkk the phoney NFL! 

Go ahead Atl win the NFL South with 6 wins against NO, TB, NO and see what happens!! Lol. It’s already scripted! 

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Have no clue what to think. What a wild season. Your surge is too little too late I'm afraid. Cardinals and Seahawks games were close, Texans could have also gone the other way. And ugh the Aints. If only my Cowboys and the Jags (probably my fav AFC team?) won, and the Falcons won the three aformentioned games, and the NFCS pic is very different. Vikings won today, rather they win the North than the FudgePackers, who always get preferential treatment, Not to mention the refs clearly stole the MNF game in Detroit a few weeks ago. Since you talked about scripting, I HAVE to bring that up. I think if ATL wins out, SF loses out, and ATL and PHI both finish 9-7, #6 seed. Tall order, but I can see it. SF is in for a brutal stretch and they're struggling right now.

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