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THIS team could actually win a Super Bowl


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1 hour ago, octoslash said:

This is not a super bowl caliber team; it's an illusion based on how totally horrible they were the first eight games. 

The fact that they're playing inspired defense the past couple games against division foes makes them look a lot better than they really are.  But don't get me wrong...they look really good now. 

And it's fun beating NFCS enemies, draft order and all that tank crap be dammed.   

Based on the last two games, this team is unstoppable. Allowing 12 points in two games with no touchdowns is sort bowel caliber football. That was two good teams by the way. 

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3 hours ago, Mr.Falcon79 said:

i really think we could keep Quinn given Blanks affection to him, but need an offensive minded head coach. With all Quinn’s assistants doing every aspect of his job other that being a rah rah, pat you on the butt & say good job, what is he doing? Get Mike McDaniel in here as your HC and Ryan & the offense can run the same offense until Ryan/ Julio retires and never have to keep changing and learning completely new playbooks every 4 years. Quinn has an OC & Staff that take care of the offense. Quinn has an in game manager to assist on that. He has R. Morris & J. Ulbrich calling plays on defense. He stinks as a DC. That is his bread and butter. Sure we are winning now but Quinn brings little to the table, he has delegated everything out. When your a defensive guru allegedly & remove yourself from calling the Defensive plays & team starts playing lights out plus given the situation I mentioned above why do we need him? How would Mike McDaniel not make a better HC with his style of offense and would give the offense stability &would not have to worry about him leaving like K. Shanahan? Give Mike McDaniel a in game manager, maybe Gary Kubiack since he allegedly doesn’t want to be a HC again & could still help Mike McDaniel along the way to becoming a great HC. 

I'm still undecided on Quinn but that is not nearly a fact:

  • 2011 Gators
  • 2012 Gators
  • 2013 Seahawks
  • 2014 Seahawks
  • 2016 Falcons - second half
  • 2019 Falcons - last two games

He coordinated those defenses to a high level.

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10 hours ago, Mr.Falcon79 said:

Loving it watching the Falcons on Sunday the last 2 weeks. Dan Quinn stopped calling plays on defense or is very limited at the most with his input as far as we know. Just wondering if Koetter is doing the same thing or not, having someone else assist him or take over some of the play calling? I mean sure at this point Quinn is making a good case to be retained next year. Is the guy, (whoever that we hired as the Falcons in game manager), doing anything, apart of the team still? Because if so what is Quinn’s job now? In game/practice motivator?

Quinn likes to experiment. I think he is calling the offense, and Dirk is calling the defense. Genius!

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9 hours ago, cyberlian said:

I just don’t see a path to the playoffs. Basically it takes a top NFC team to finish out with only 1 more win (Saints and 49ers are best options).

Wildcard spot is currently held by two 8 win teams that hold head to head tiebreakers against us. 

The only option is a Saints meltdown (1-5 at best) and for us to run the table. 

Say we do run the table and miss the playoffs. The way they are playing now makes that unbelievably possible. I can’t believe that Arthur is just willing to pat DQ on the back and say all is forgiven with no reparations for the first half. I’d have to think Arthur should be calling Dan into a meeting this week explaining that as long as this team looks sharp, well prepared and winning the games they SHOULD win, he can keep his job. However, his leash should be extremely short now. Any hint of that first half team rearing it’s head and it’s sayonara immediately. 

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14 hours ago, FalconMama said:

I wouldn't go that far now. Because of familiarity divisional games are usually like this.  I need to see this team play well and beat an AFC team first. 

I think this is backwards...due to division team‘s familiarity, you can throw out records and expect a close game.

i agree they need to learn to beat an AFC team...which really conference shouldn’t matter, it’s more coincidence than anything. It’s not like AFC teams all play the game differently than NFC teams.

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