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*** Official Falcons Vs Panthers In-Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, Dawggone said:

So im  at wrestling practice and just checked the score. What in all holy heck is going on

Defense picking up right where they left off last week

Offense started off sluggish but awoke

Even STs has a TD on a punt return and keeping CAR in avg starting field position

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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

To be fair, that’s what happens when you change systems and playcallers again. He and the pass game was literally the only strength of the team last year. Ryan’s best seasons of his career have come in the previous 3. Arguably the best QB in the NFL and at minimum a top 3 QB since 2016. But we changed the system because we couldn’t get a true WCO upgrade; Kubiak, trying to move on from Sark. Koetter was a fall back plan.

And, when you change systems EVERYONE has to adjust. It ain’t always the QB fault in a miscommunication or timing route; especially when option routes for the WR are mixed in.

I definitely dont mind giving Ryan credit when its due.. And the last 2 games hes earned his paycheck and played like a pro.. But I definitely had issues with him 6 of our first games... Straight up, i have every Ryan jersey you can imagine.. Even the elite jersey that was like 350.00..so yeah, I definitely expect alot out of 2..but hes been straight the last 2 games

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