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Texas A&M vs #4 Georgia


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5 minutes ago, RubberDucky said:

And now fore the 1st time he doesnt have a better QB than himself breathing down his neck and this is what we get from him. IMO, Fields is twice the player Fromm is, was or ever will be.

I remember Fields getting a good bit of playing time last year and not doing anything all that special.

Maybe that was just the coaching here. The point is that assuming that the Fields you see right now at OSU would be the same if he had stayed at UGA is not necessarily accurate. Totally different system.

Leaving was the best thing for Fields. 

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4 minutes ago, VA F.O. said:

I mean, "invisible sky wizard"?

That isn't intended to make fun of the idea of a god? Come on. That's BS and you know it

Making fun of the idea of a "God" is not the same as mocking people for their belief in said "God".

I never made a single negative statement towards believers.

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16 minutes ago, Ransack said:

Welcome to the dark side 

I don’t think I’ve ever defended him nor Coley. All I’ve ever argued is that our team is not nearly what people have made it out to be. Folks acting like we are just garbage. It’s pathetic. If we had a better offense all these games would be blowouts. As it is we can still hang with and beat anyone imo.

I was never a fan of promoting Coley, but man Fromm’s head just isn’t in the game this year like it has been. I don’t know why. He has been a below average QB this season.

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Just now, slamee101 said:

We have to be the most frustrating one loss team in the country.

Said it for weeks, we can be proud of the getting to Atlanta accomplishment but I don’t see ANY WAY this team can compete for the CFP.

Especially since the one loss came to a team that doesn't have half the talent.

I don't know how a team with this talent can be so bad offensively.

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