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This one confuses me a bit

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I respect Kaepernick's political statements, but he ain't gonna be on this team ever. Also, I don't think he was ever a very good QB. He was on an absurdly stacked and well coached 49ers team that did most of the work for him. He's about the clumsiest looking passer I think I've ever seen. 

Anyways, Schaub secured his job here for the next few years versus the Seahawks. He really did look good and we easily could have won that game if a certain defensive playcaller had done a better job.

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Isn't this just a way for the NFL to say, "See, you got a try out in front of several teams" in an attempt to discredit his claims of being blacklisted due to his kneeling during the anthem?

If Kap shows up, and let's be real here, nobody is actually gonna sign him, but then the NFL can say they gave him a workout & he just didn't cut it, so he has no validity to his claim any more.

If Kap decides not to go because he knows it's a sham, they'll say he turned down an opportunity & thus he has no validity to his claim anymore.

Basically, he's d@mned either way.


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