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Falcons Film Breakdown - McGary vs Saints

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Enjoyed the breakdown. Good work as always, and love the stache. This team needs more swagger, even in its reporting and analysis cadre.

McGary is quickly becoming the tackle we all hoped he would be when he was drafted. Looking forward to having Lindstrom over on that side with him for the next decade or so. No more Mattie Roadkill.

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6 minutes ago, OrthoPTSD said:

Nice break down sir. Any reason to not think that Brown may settle on right side and Lindstrom on left? Brown looks pretty good lately there.

It could be done.


The only thing that stops him (Lindstrom) is he's played very little LG. The start of camp O believe had Carpenter vs Brown and Brown lost by a hair.

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6 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

Cmon man the moustache looks like the bad guy off the movie wild Wild West back in the day.

Good breakdown.


Or Gangs of NY lol. This is only the second time I've worn the mustache like this and honestly I get a bunch of comments and looks lol

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Great analysis. You asked for critiques and comment on the moustache. I have one of each. 

It’s “for posterity,” not “prosperity.”

The moustache looks like handlebars for a prison rapist. 

Kidding (sort of) on the second one. 

Outstanding breakdown. Thanks for doing these. 

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