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Ridley one of the best WRs vs man

Ergo Proxy

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I agree with the Tweet about the issues for Calvin and what separates him from Hooper is Matt trust Hoop to be on the same page when it’s zone.

Matt can beat zone. Can Ridley? We won't always get man for him to win a read and shot. If it’s zone you gotta trust he will be in the right place or the QB is gonna look to a more reliable option for beating zone.

That’s one big reason for Hooper’s ascension.

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Just now, athell said:

Not hating on him, his catch rate is ridiculous.  Just pointing out it's easier to get those numbers when most of your targets are shallow and high percentage.

It may be but you do what is successful for you. You don’t have to be fancy trying to throw downfield every play. 

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3 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

No doubt.  And that goes for the whole team.  

Others gotta beat the zones away from Julio and Dirk gotta anticipate some coverages with his plays and let Matt be able to read/adjust some things at the line.

If we aren’t gonna be the wide zone/PA and WC Offense, we simply have to be smarter than playing into their hands like we saw vs the Titans for example. Terrible plays. Ryan has all day and no one is open? That’s why the Seahawks game was a raised eyebrow with the quick game. Where was that before?

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