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Do you think our defense will continue to play good ball or was Saints game a fluke?

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Talk about going from one extreme to the other. We went from looking like the worst defense in the NFL to one of the best defenses in the NFL? Do you guys think the Saints game was a fluke? Or do you think our defense cracked the code and is ready to start clicking on all cylinders?

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I think we are that good. From that mindset, the whole first half of the season was the fluke. There’s no way we should have lost most of those games.

Since there’s no logic for how bad we played to get to 2-7, I have no idea how to predict what we’ll do from here.


 I’ll go with this: we’ll continue to be inconsistent and underperform. we’ll finish 4-12.

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This is a good question. 

Quinn's team usually look good after the bye, then pretty lame the following game.  

Carolina is at home and coming off a tough loss at Green Bay, and in recent years the Falcons have pretty much owned them,  Atlanta going 7-3 in the last ten meetings.  The momentum from both teams games last Sunday suggests the Falcons could be finally healing, and the Panthers beginning their annual fall to earth. 

But with this Falcons season...any prediction is going to be based on almost nothing concrete.  

Like I said, good question.  


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11 hours ago, thamill said:

I'm gonna wait until i see it back to back weeks.  We stepped up big against Philly and I honestly thought we turned the corner and then we turned into hot garbage again.  If we string together a few good "competitive" weeks, I'll believe. 

Agree. We all were certain that Philly game marked a return to competitiveness, but that was just a tease. However I will say this effort vs the Stanks looked a lot more dominant the whole game, especially the 4th quarter.

In the Philly game the defense was fortunate to escape without allowing a winning TD pass late. The Stanks got shut down completely in the last few minutes of Sunday's game. I'm looking forward to next Sunday's game with way, way more confidence they've found something legit to build on.

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Hopefully we maintain the improvement, but I wouldn't bet on it. Every season has ups and downs, so a team is never as good as it's best performance suggests, or as bad as its worst game.

Last week was by far our best performance, but we have also had 7 games where we've stunk the joint out, looked unprepared and indisciplined and hardly even been competitive.


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