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2 hours ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

Your 50MT, which is still vastly more powerful than the ones used in Japan, is correct.

However, Modern warheads currently carry 20 MTs or higher Yields so your reference are off a bit. 

Yeah the tsar bomba was the largest yield ever tested but was never deployed. I used it in referencing kill zones. The largest yield bomb in the US arsenal is the B-83 which has a yield of 1.2 MT. As missiles became more.accurate the yield of warheads became smaller. The U.S. Is currently making the first guided nuclear.missle which will have a maximum yield of just 50 KT. For perspective the Hiroshima uranium fission.bomb was.15 IT and the Nagasaki plutonium bomb was 22. It s actually scary because the U.S. Is making weapons that aren't regarded as MADD weapons. Pentagon simulations have shown that using the new guided weapons that they could take out Chinese silos with as few as.700 casualties whereas the B-83 would have caused 2+ megadeaths.

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Koo held up so well in his debut. 12pts on 4 for 4 and a td saving tackle. He deserves a huge shoutout!

The first time he misses a 37 yarder, TATF will want him tar and feathered - run out of town on a rail.

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