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Any word on Hooper?

Ergo Proxy

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Would it be better for him financially (his new contract):

1) Sit a game or so - he might come back strong for five or so games but also risk a youngster like Graham proving to be a possible option?

2) Play through a painful injury at less than 100% but prove his durability and avoid a youngster taking some of his snaps? 

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50 minutes ago, TheUsualStuff said:

Yeah.. bone bruise or hopefully mild MCL sprain.

After he came out of the tent he didn't go back to the locker-room. He was sitting on the bench. I would have been really worried had he went back to the lockers.

Bone bruise though can still be multiple games.

Well, he did go to the locker-room under his own power. Hopefully just mild MCL/bone bruise, but he could miss a game...

The other video I just posted described how since the knee twists some they want to check ACL. Thankfully, he no longer had the leg planted.

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What about Ryan Allen. Looked in pain after getting roughed (clear cheap shot, hope Gray gets fined but something tells me he won't), hope he's fine. The fact that he held for the two following field goals is a good sign. Always loved Allen, feels SO good to finally be able to truly root for him now that he's free from the Evil Empire. Could be a long-term fix.

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