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Roddy White on Falcons Win

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38 minutes ago, dodge_birds_fan said:

Man I miss that dude!

Yeah Roddy was 100% Raggedy Falcon doin' it! A blast from the past.  We need a Falcon event Roddy.  Gather all the Falcon alumni family to a huge Barbecue in the center of the stadium.  Players and their families...Do interviews telecast streamed live... I would watch... Roddy man I don't think the Falcons have ever done that.  I mean try to get every living Falcon team member.... any one that will show. It would unite all falcon fans across the country no matter where they live.  There could be house parties and barbeques across the USA and London.  Have online contests for Falcon Gear.... I got to stay away fron the whiskey... Dreamin out loud.




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Love it. I always try to explain to my non falcons fans how trashy the Saints organization really is. Sean Payton taunting Freeman. The drug cover up story. Bounty gate. Showing highlights of our super bowl loss. The fact that they never shut up during games.

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