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I Even Bleed Red

I said this last week but the tread was consolidated

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You know what's wrong with the Falcons? They're FAN PLEASERS! Thats the mistake we made we Smitty. We wanted to please the FANS! Instead of letting him build his team the way HE wanted. 


Julio was a FAN PLEASER. Jake Matthews was a FAN PLEASER. VIC BEASLEY WAS A FAN PLEASER!!! Don't lie!

Heck Ray Edwards was a fan pleaser! Tell the truth, he was very popular choice by the fans to get in free agency that year. 


Mike Nolan was a fan pleaser. Dirk Koetter was a fan pleaser. Keep it 100, Dan Quinn was a fan pleaser!! He was one of the coaches we WANTED the most. 

Mr. Blank please stop listening to the FANS! They change their minds when their OWN choices don't work out. 

I want the man coaching my team who still believes in what he believes in when the chips are down. When the lights are out. When the FANS ARE AGAINST HIM. As far as I know the main players are still behind you.

I like the swag, Dan. LOVE THE SHIRT. Keep up the good work COACH. 

Mr. Quinn: YOU are the coach of this football team until Arthur Blank says otherwise. And as FAR AS I KNOW, Aurthur Blank ain't said otherwise. Go coach your team, coach! The way YOU want. 

It's time for Arthur Blank to step aside and let TD do the drafting the way HE wants and let Quinn coach the way he wants. Not what the FANS want. 

I look up to Mr. Blank because of how smart of a businessman he is. It's time for him to step up and lead the organization and not listen to what the FANS want. Trust your leaders, your GM and your HC.


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