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Hey Tanker Boys


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Don't worry we'll be back to sucking next week and the tank will be back on.  

And remember how last season, how we avoided tanking and getting those higher draft picks, all so we could finish the season strong and have that momentum roll over to this season.  Worked out fuccan perfectly didn't it?  And one must be pretty stupid to think that we should tank when we haven't even played a divisional game prior to today.  

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Just now, falcons007 said:

Every year there is can’t be missed Number 1 or top 5 pick. It’s the same teams who keep picking up top 5-10.

That’s true, but Chase Young is someone I actually wouldn’t mind trading up for if we really have to. Wouldn’t be surprised if a team does that come April. 

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1 hour ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

Beating the Saints is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Especially in their house

Beating the Saints at their place supersedes any and all other considerations. Period. The Saints trolls will avoid this place like a radioactive waste dump after today. That alone is worth a lot.

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2 hours ago, Vandy said:

Come out, come out from wherever you are!!!

All the clamoring for us to tank for Chase Young....Well, Birds won on road against Aints...Dolphins won on road again as well. Jets won landfill bowl over Giants....


Yes we still need to tank . This is one game in a season where the Falcons have played like crap. Our record is still 2-7, use your **** head. Winning does absolutely nothing for us.

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