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Stunning Dominating Victory today! We were 2 TD underdogs and we SMOKED and EMBARRASSED those Aints in their own House!


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Today was an absolutely stunning victory over the hated Aints in their own backyard. Oh just the thought of all of the seething mad as H*ell Aints fans bitc*hing, moaning, crying and cussing tonight brings a tear of joy to my face as our Falcons rolled into town 2 TD underdogs with no shot in hel*l of even making this a game and they put in a performance for the record books sacking Brees 6 times and it was the 1st time Brees has never had a TD at home.  It still sucks that we are 2-7 but this game definitely has erased alot of  the sting of that record as we finally embarrassed the h*ell out of Sean Payton, Kamara and Drew Brees in their own house on national TV!

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Yes, Sir and guess what! The Falcs will beat them again on Thanksgiving evening. When you attack Brees like that, he looks like a washed up old QB.


And yes, it was on national TV. 

Quinn is redeemed and his job is safe for another year.

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