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Saints Put This Up In Their Stadium Today

Ergo Proxy

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1 minute ago, Atlantafan21 said:

They put that up while they were down 23-9? Lmao 

Always been a little weird to me how the Saints have used 28-3 so much. I wonder if deep down they think they were the ones who came back?!”

I legitimately cannot think of a more butt hurt fanbase in recent memory”

Um.... really they gone low to trolling 51 while getting whooped AT HOME by a 1 win team”

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37 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

The comments!!

Maybe it was the Halloween candy, but have to admit.. Ryan looked decent today.. He did throw that stupid interception and nothing about that is ok, but passes looked alot stronger and mostly on target.. He dosnt win the Noodle arm award this week ;) i never have a issue giving credit when its due.. But that moon ball interception you have to agree was just a total brain F'up

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19 minutes ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

Things that matter: the present. 

And presently the Aints are sitting at home wondering how their no 1 seed hunting team got smacked in the head.

Facts. The end of the season will be whatever it is. What they can control is how they perform today. And today they got a W. Head high and enjoy it. F**k the rest and esp FTS. 

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