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How are y'all feeling right now

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2 hours ago, caponine said:

We decide to win when it dont matter smh 

This!!!  I love that we beat the ants but I’m sick of too little too late.... I want 28-3 avenged.  I am not “happy w just running table and rah rah at 9-7 meaningless season”. I’ve had 40+ years of same crap.  I want a consistently competent and winning organization.  Great game, well played, joy to watch etc but I still recognize the pig behind the lipstick.   

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Happy and piss off.  Happy because the team won.  Piss off because this team defense is probably closer to today defense than what they have shown in the first 8 games, and it’s right after DQ gave up plays calling.  I can’t help but think that Quinn screwed up the defense with his play calling in the first 8 games.  Team always look confused with Quinn calling the plays.

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1 hour ago, fan72 said:

Draft picks be ****ed. Anything that adds a little more misery to  that SEWER of a city is fine by me I hope we can do it again when they  come to the dome on Turkey Day!

I am actually still trying to understand the infatuation with tanking for higher draft position. I can't wrap my head around that. . . . weren't no rookies coming in here and changing things that drastically or immediately. If today is any evidence and not an aberration, it was all systemic. In that case, it wouldn't matter who we had along the lines in the backfield or in the secondary.

This type of thinking goes to show how much fans underrate coaching. We think it's the great athletes that make the coaches. Not!

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