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How are y'all feeling right now

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4 minutes ago, pzummo said:

Good. **** good. Best I’ve felt all season.

Hale to the yes. We won. We beat them on their home field in front of their slobbering, swampy fans. We smacked Brees around like a red-headed step-child. Then we held them out of the end zone when they were desperately trying to salvage some small shred of pride when time ran out. If it gets much better than this, then it probably happens when you get to heaven. :slick:

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It's like they learned! Run the ball quick passes helps you keep the QB upright! Then later you can take your deep shots... it also helps you hold on to the ball longer so your defense cam rest... then when you score a little and the team is trying to catch back up!! Yep you guessed it... you can get sacks!!! Let's see if they under stand this the rest of the season and maybe you can keep yalls jobs!!

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