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RB Cam Akers

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Etienne is the best value for the most complete back in this draft.

First round talent that should still be there at our 47th pick because he happens to be coming out with Swift, Taylor, and Dobbins.

I personally think Etienne is as good, and quite possibly better, than all three of those guys. And that’s coming from a huge UGA fan.

Really fast, quick, agile, great vision, great hands, and can block.

This is the best RB draft in ages. Five first round talent guys but three of them will go in the second round.

With two second round picks we’d be fools not to take advantage of this. Especially on a guy like Etienne who’s strangely somehow under-rated.

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Really good RB, really big fan of his. His explosiveness and relentlessness to hit a hole is extremely impressive. Shades of Dalvin Cook at FSU. Catches the ball well and is a willing pass protector, id love for him to be in ATL. But this is a deep RB draft, I’d be happy with a few guys.

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