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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***

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Biggest thing to me was DQ forced to have some  Flexibility. Why wasn't Parmelee coaching RB's all the time. Playing Hill, bigger back, Graham playing more. Ulbrich calling defense plays. Foye and Bl Wilson playing more. Man play Grace, Ollison, go get TBJ, Larkin and Hageman and we got a team!

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Just now, FalconBlood23 said:

Is anyone gonna say it or should I??? Anyone???

Fine fine

We got the best defense!! #1 boyz!!!! 

What an amazing showing from everyone today, just amazing considering what has been going on this year. Great showing boys, wish it was like this all year 

maybe it is and the DC was the problem.

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3 minutes ago, WhiskeyBruh said:

No matter what, we'll always have this. That time we sacked Drew Brees 6 times and beat them when we were 1-7.

So true..seeing them sulking on the sidelines is awesome. And .brees has set so many records against us its about  time we return the favor. 

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