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November 2019 Recruiting Thread

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Hopefully this won’t be No Commitment November lol

Looks to be an exciting month to follow the Dawgs though anyway. A month full of big games leading up to, barring a catastrophic string of losses, a likely return trip to Atlanta to face Bama or LSU. And if we get through November unblemished, that game will be for a spot in the playoffs. 

We should start seeing some momentum swinging our way in recruiting as the high school football season will be coming to a close for most by the end of the month. Players will be shifting more attention back toward making their college decisions. 

Go Dawgs! :swoon:

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16 minutes ago, Turkeydawg said:

Rusty mentioned 2 rb’s, being Evans and Edwards, with Evans being the priority still.

With that said, Kipp mentioned that he spoke with 2 sources that said UGA is heavily considering taking just 1 back now, due to tight numbers.

Also still feeling good about Washington and Ringo.  

If we only took one back wouldn’t we just have Zamir, Cook, McIntosh and Milton?   Not a lot of depth if we suffered an injury or two to the position.

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13 minutes ago, Dawgfanbrock said:

What’s the draw to Edwards? Does he play in a high classification? Doesn't look even close to the ga tech kid.. 

He plays for Colquitt Co. which is at the top. He's definitely in that next tier down at RB but if you watch his tape he cuts really well and he is never brought down by first contact.

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50 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

I hope someone is making a documentary of Zach Evans recruitment.   The kid needs his own alternative reality show.

Definitely wouldn’t be the first highly overrated RB to come out of the state of Texas.

I think that’s more of the norm than the exception actually.

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