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Special Prayer Request

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I’m sure some of you remember my good buddy Ole Pappy Falcon. He barely posted but when he did he was a character. Somehow he and I became pretty close and became pretty good friends on here. I still

I have a prayer board in my closet where I write down folks names I’m praying for. An eraser board with names of family, clients, and friends , including some folks in here like our old TAFT friend Sl

you got it pal. added to my list. Q talks about brotherhood, but us long timers here know what REAL brotherhood is all about  

On 11/3/2019 at 9:05 AM, ya_boi_j said:

I don’t want your likes or anything else because that’s irrelevant. I want to ask that you guys throw prayers his way as you say your own tonight or in church this morning. He’s one of the very small few here that I’ve gotten close with and if I can’t talk to him then I’ll show my respect with this request. If mods want to move it, do what you gotta do. 


100% right... I'll keep him in my prayers

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