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How about Mike McDaniel as our offensive coordinator next year?

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Are you assuming DQ stays but Koetter is fired? Because I would imagine if DQ is replaced at HC, the next HC will want someone who fits their system... which may not be Mike McDaniel or any other Shanny disciple. So until we actually know who is gonna be the HC after this season, it’s kind of a moot point to discuss potential OCs.

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Do you guys think Mike McDaniel would make a good head coach? Our team is pretty much built around his system although we got away from it this year. Every seems to want a head coach with previous head coaching experience. I think no doubt he could turn our offense around and may do like Kyle and be OC & HC. But with no previous head coaching experience I think he would be overwhelmed. He also has no OC experience I believe. If he took anything but a HC gig with us and succeeded he would be like Kyle and a one or two year rental at best.

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On 11/3/2019 at 9:14 AM, Cole World said:

I’ll already said I would like him as the OC with Stefanski as the HC. If that happens, and he’s successful and leaves we would still have Stefanski who can continue to call the plays. 

If Stefanski is the HC, we won't need McDaniel as the OC.  Stefanski is plenty competent to pick someone to help him gameplan.

To me, McDaniel is the HC or we don't bother.  I'm tired of the OC carousel, and the minute someone poaches him to be OC (assuming Shanahan would even let him interview), he'll be in the HC discussion within a few years.  No thanks.  If Stefanski is the guy, he'll bring in the right guy to help with the offense, and if they leave, he'll bring in the next right guy.  He knows the system well enough he doesn't need someone to help him run it.

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