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Wanted: DQ and the highly paid Defense in 2019 for grand theft


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Let us break down the cap for the 2019 falcons active roster. The Falcons D ranked 14th and offense ranked 16th in NFL cap spend. 

Here is how the Defense looted the team: 

DL :

Top 5 in DL Cap spend for 2019 with a 38.9 M$ for the year. The Dl takes up 20% of the total cap. What a Sham these guys are putting on DL guru DQ. Pats total cap hit is 9M on the DL this year and they have 31 sacks for the year. 


Other than Trufant, the rest of the DBs don't have much of a cap hit. The Pats top the NFL in the money spent on secondary.  Pats spent 27 M on Safeties this year. Is there where the league is going? Have great safeties cover your secondary and help out CB? 

Now let's look at the offense which gets most blame from the trolls. 


Falcons cap hit for QB's was just 9% of the total cap space in 2019. This includes Ryan and Schaub and ranked 15th in the NFL. Ryan's cap hit was 16th among all QB.  So much for the QB handicapping the team, Heck that 10% cap has the most bang for the buck.


They took up 11% of the total cap, so much for Julio stopping the team from making the moves.


The Falcons OL ranks 11th in the cap space, even with injuries they are middle of the pack. All that *****ing about signing players in offseason.  They accounted for 17% of the total cap hit, less than the DL. 

Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and  Freeman are the easy and obvious scapegoats. Falcons have drafted more defense under DQ and are ranked higher in cap spend in the NFL than the offense. Yet we have one of the historically worst defenses in the franchise history.


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15 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

The numbers here are a bit manipulated as we got creative to sign Grady, Debo & Julio.  Lots of restructuring  was done.  Both the OL & DL were top 5 in CAP number.  Our 2020 OL CAP number Is downright terrifying at 51 million

Numbers are what they are for 2019. Falcons threw away the cap on defense and another wasted year. Every year same winning teams are in cap problems but they make way and sign who they want. For all the talk about TD and DQ with eye for talent and cap genius, they are conservative. No creativity. A good HV and Gm will have 40-50 M to work with next year and few starters and backups to sign. 

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