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The Consolidated Dan Quinn Thread

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I doubt Quinn gets the boot after tomorrow's scheduled loss. I'm thinking Blank has concluded, just like the rest of us in knowing that the season is in the toilet, and firing Quinn now will not change anything.

I for one do not want to see the team showing some signs of life in the final three games, and saving Quinn and TD's jobs. I just hope that should the season play out like that, that Blank still fires everyone, and gets some new blood in here that will build the defense, and the OL; Falcons fan have suffered enough, it's time we got a legit HC.

**** this miserable season. Go Falcons.

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And it would result in nothing. No one is coming back to fill the Benz up this season. No one is going to get excited over any of the interims we have on staff. Winning wins the crowd and the tim

Yup, when you have guys like Campbell, Trufant, Beasley, Kazee, and Freeman trotted out there when they're severely under performing, what kind of message does it send to guys like Grace, Foye, Comins

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On 10/25/2019 at 7:03 PM, Falcons Fan MVP said:

What do you think the chances are this game vs the Seahawks is Dan Quinn's last game as a Falcons head coach? 


50/50 --- If we keep it respectable v/s Seattle this week (with Schaub at QB) --- and our Defense plays considerably better --- Blank may be enticed to keep Quinn around until after the game following the BYE (@ Saints), when Ryan will most likely return. 
But really, since we don't have access into AB's mind, who knows what he's thinking and what he'll do!  My gut feeling is, that Quinn is safe until after the 2019 season....at least, that's been his M.O. in the past.  



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15 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Would you find another team to support or would you quit watching Football altogether?

I think I would quit the sport. It is going downhill for a long time with all the rule changes. Plus I get a lot of flak for even watching American football these days. When I told someone I could not attend his party on a sunday evening because I am watching NFL, he and others asked me what my connection „to those bloody Americans“ is.

If the Falcons are going to stick with DQ - a guy who can‘t even cover the basics of coaching - then I am 100% certain that this team is a waste of time.

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Losing miserably to his former team- the Seahawks- would be a fitting end to the Dan Quinn era

Since losing the SB after being up 28-3 with 17 minutes left Dan Quinn has done nothing to improve this team year over year and it is quite the opposite

Since the SB He has decimated this team year over year down to now being the complete laughing stock of the NFL

Even if somehow by some miracle Quinn pulls a victory today out of his As-s he still needs to be fired either in-season or at the end of this season

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Quinn needs to walk off into the sunset.  He is truly uninspiring as a couch.  Is lacking in strategic thinking and rarely adapts well to ingame situations.  His game plans are rudimentary.  Quinn is constantly out coached by our competitors.  He needs to go.  I cannot support him any longer as an HC. :munch:

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