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Just realized we lost to the Jets, Dolphins, and Redskins in preseason

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I really think we are the worst team in the NFL. Say whatever you want about the preseason, but we have backed it up in the regular season. Let this sink in for a bit.

I have a few questions though that also defy belief.

#1 - How many years have we gone not being able to stop 3rd and long?

#2 - How many years have we gone struggling to get sacks?

#3 - Why is it that every other NFL team has people wide open at least sometimes but we have people draped all over our WR EVERY TIME?

#4 - Is it a weak QB arm and the inability to throw certain passes (deep out) (back shoulder passes) (fades in the endzone) (deep balls without throwing it through the roof) that defenses know they only have to run blitz and defend short to medium routes to stop both the run and most of our passes???

#5 - Why I would start ANY opposing team's RB or TE on fantasy football against our defense?

#6 - Why ALL backup and rookie QB's feast on our defense not just this year but every year?


Hmmm. There has to be some wisdom behind these questions that point to something that can be addressed by coaches and the front office. It can't be this easy...


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