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The Consolidated Vic Beasley Thread


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I think he does have all pro attributes....his first step is still among the best in the league....the problem is he has not had anything other than strait speed since coming into the league.

He just has not developed the way he could....part of that is on him and part of that is him having to play a "hybrid" role for the last 3 years....he is dropping back inspace nearly as much as he is actually rushing the passer.


So yeah....a change of scenery could absolutely help him.


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11 minutes ago, Mr.Blank said:

Fine...I thought he was a one-hit wonder, too. Just tired of seeing too many instances of fans here at each others throats. 

You may as well leave while you’re ahead then. That’s what happens when you’re having discussions amongst differing opinions. In the end you deuce each other up and carry on, except a very small few 

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45 minutes ago, rings639 said:

I won’t quite go that aggressive, but I have been calling him out for years.  Too many get stuck on his one year of fluke production vs who he really is.

I’ve dedicated entire threads to Beasley even after his 15 sack season. I knew it was a fluke then. Everyone was making excuses for him “playing out of position” and I’m like, they wouldn’t play him out of position if he knew how to RUSH THE PASSER!!!

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How can this not be on DQ.

This guy wanted sole charge of this defense and we are looking at borderline historical failure.

He wanted Beasley and Takk in the draft and has done next to nothing with them.

His in game decision making is flawed.The coaching and off season decisions have been baffling.

Hes bought in Sark & Koetter and we’ve only seen the offense engage reverse and AB you think sees a future with DQ man what am I missing here.

TDs made mistakes along the way and f it’s time for a change I agree we’ve had similar issues twice now.For me though the bigger failure is he’s worked under different management structures and has come up short.For me that’s why I’m off loading the both of them.

If Quinn’s still coach of this team I’ll be stunned.

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