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Falcons vs Seahawks game week news


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If Ryan plays:
Seahawks 38
Falcons 14

If Schaub plays:
Seahawks 45
Falcons 7

This is going to be a slaughtering. They're pissed off about last week against the Ravens. Clowney will be all over the QB. Wagner will dominate. Russ will be running around all day long with no one near him. This will get ugly quick.

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5 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

That's embarrassing.  This may be the worst stat of them all.  Even if you suck at rushing the qb, you'll run into one or two on accident every now and again.  ****.

Totally and for him to be a defensive specialist should greatly increase the embarrassment of a defense he calls plays for!

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