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Crazy thought, Dan Quinn isn’t fired.

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This won’t happen because if Quinn is still the head coach you don’t get improvement in attendance.

While true at the beginning of the season, winning cures all. DQ stays and this team starts off 2-0 or 3-0 the attendance will rise. Anybody that doesn’t show up to a game for a team 2-0 or 3-0 becaus

Quinn is so impotent during the games,  I can't see any reason to keep him at this point. And I was a big supporter of his until this season. I think he's burned out myself.

16 hours ago, 32wood84white said:

While true at the beginning of the season, winning cures all. DQ stays and this team starts off 2-0 or 3-0 the attendance will rise. Anybody that doesn’t show up to a game for a team 2-0 or 3-0 because of Dan Quinn really isn’t much of a fan anyways. I don’t watch because of DQ. I watch because the red and black uniforms and logo I love to see run onto the field.

I was going to mention something similar.  I don't live in Atlanta, but I go to the games that are here on the west coast.  It just seems that people are only willing to attend games if we win, and not in hopes that we win? I get a lot of crap over here from people who aren't falcons fans about how they're doing now that they keep losing and such, and honestly, I don't speak for ANYONE else, but if I lived there and I had tickets, i'd go to EVERY game, win or lose and stay until the end.  That's just me though.  A few years ago when there was talk about ATL being one of the teams that might have moved to LA, (even though it wasn't likely) I was ecstatic because it would have been awesome having them here and I FOR SURE would have become a season ticket holder.  


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11 hours ago, 32wood84white said:

What has a lot of coaches ever done that’s historic? Not many or those things wouldn’t be historic. While not considered historic, getting 7 or more 1st and 2nd year players on defense to a super bowl is pretty impressive. Did it with ok epaulet starting at CB that’s not even in the league anymore.

With all the money tied up in the offense, what has DQ been able to do other than add from the scrap pile during free agency and hope his draft picks on D turn out to be all pros?

DQ missed *hard* on two major opportunities for pass rushers and is suffering the consequences now. And then he drafted a WR in Ridley when we badly needed more players on the front 7 or upgrades on the offensive line.

How much of those decisions were TD? We don't know, honestly. We're giving up 30+ PPG, Mike Smith had better defenses with less talent. At the very least they could play disciplined football. We've looked undisciplined since the beginning of the 2017 season. Penalties, drops, sloppy first half play, a struggle to win from behind, etc.. This is more than "he's not historic" it's that Kyle Shanahan had a historic offense, meanwhile DQ can't field a defense better than 20th in DVOA. 

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12 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Quinn, just say no. 

Think about this, right now Jason Garrett is a better HC and that ain't saying much.

Some of the teams that have a better record.....it's startling. 

Time for a big change from FO to the field.  This team has progressively gotten worse every year since the SB run.  

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On 10/22/2019 at 7:08 PM, RYNE said:

Riddle me this... what in the **** is the point of keeping Dan Quinn in this scenario? What does he do well? He sucks at everything.

Can’t run a defense.

His scheme is awful. 

Cant manage the game. 

cant teach players to pass rush apparently.

makes awful personnel decisions such as moving the NFL sack leader to LB. 

what the heIl does he do right? i don’t get it. He can stick that positivity and catch phrases up his a$$. People are acting like what Julio said matters. What else could he say in this situation ?


Dairy Queen makes aweful clock mgmt and challenge decisions. I don't understand fans that want to keep him. His specialty is the defense/DL. The defense is repeatedly one of the worst in the league and the worst of the 3 units on the team. And DLINE is the worst of the 3 units on defense. 

I guess we can keep him as a college scout. 

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On 10/23/2019 at 1:13 PM, JDaveG said:

It’s not such a crazy thought. 

I expect Quinn to be fired. But this is the 2nd coach to deal with dysfunction in personnel. There is one guy responsible for that. Quinn reports to Blank. If he’s been saying “I disagree with the direction our personnel folks are taking,” I could see Blank keeping him and firing TD. I don’t expect it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. 

Dave with regards to the personnel and coaches surely the HC has to be in on both.

If he isn’t and the structure he works under renders these responsiblities independent I’d say that’s an issue.

Surely anything in and around the team player coach has to be Quinns predominant responsibility.

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Hah,hah, people continue to say what AB will do. But it is not what we think should happen it is what AB will do. DQ is a good talker, if you buy into what he is preaching. Like they told him on radio today we heard all the "we have to improve every week but you haven't." He made a very DQ response. My biggest problem with him besides the RAH-RAH stuff is his failure to change like ( sometimes use a bigger back) let some players who will hustle play more (Grace, Graham, Cominsky etc) maybe he is too loyal to a group of players. The trade deadline is coming up why can't DQ and TD fine some low cost help? They just sit on their hands hoping things will get better. He said today he talks to AB all the time= well AB just might be going for his Articulate responses. Smokey Robinson had an ole gold song with lyrics " IF THAT DON'T DO I'M GOING TO TRY SOMETHING NEW"

I wish DQ would SOMETIMES take that approach. But he is going to win a few more games ( which will move us out of  top 5 DRAFT pick) we still have talent. And AB will probably let him stay.



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