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Pats sign Justin Bethel

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 I love it. The Pats have needs they go and get help. We sit on hands wishing and a hoping.  Making fancy slogans like "Every man in this locker room is committed to make this team  better!" They never have a top 20 draft choice or get the HIGH DOLLARS F A.   BB also is not afraid to draft UGA or Ga. Tech players. N.E. goes to the SB, we are imploding. I'm just saying.

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1 minute ago, LouDog said:

GeorgiaBoyz said Ryan will go over there and give up a big lead. Ga12r1 said he didnt know Ryan played defense. And then you (Whiskey Bruh) said you werent talking abouy the superbowl when ga12r1 had referenced GeorgiaBoyz.

I'm tired. I actually meant to respond to GeorgiaBoyz because I thought he was getting down on Ryan but after I reread both posts I realized Ga was defending him so I just edited it. I don't care enough about this board to play 2 people fam.

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