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6 hours ago, Sidecar Falcon said:

Bengals I can see going QB. Especially if they get a new HC. I know they liked Finley a lot and may bench Dalton for him soon. If he plays well they may roll with him for another year. Dolphins are a toss up. They have Rosen on a cheap two year contract before he’s gone. They could use that time to boost their defense up with a Chase Young type. Washington would for sure go with a WR, so I think Jeudy would be gone. So that would leave us in a prime position to trade back or draft BPA which at that point is Tua. 

There is no way the Dolphins pass on Tua if he's there. 

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The conflict between best player and need may be less for the Falcons because the Falcons need everything.

If we're picking top five, it's Chase Young or Derrick Brown. If both are gone, trade down if you can or take Grant Delpit. 

BPA outside of WR.  I'm taking Tua if hes there. I think hes a franchise QB, gives me Russel Wilson vibes. Lock down the most important position in football for the next 12 years at least. 

2 hours ago, stizz said:

There is no way the Dolphins pass on Tua if he's there. 

I mean, they passed on Ryan.
It’s 50/50. Flores is relatively green and comes from the Belichick coaching tree. So I would imagine that he wants defense first. Not to mention they aren’t in a “win now” mode. They are in their rebuilding phase. 

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