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We traded Sanu to the Patriots for a 2nd round pick

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31 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

He might be my favorite Falcon at this point. But for a 2nd and we‘re probably losing him next season anyway?

Good luck Mo. I hope you get a ring. 

Also has significant CAP implications for us.  I assume we still eat any roster bonus remaining, but he saves us 6.5 million on next years CAP.  We are almost back to square.  Just 2 million over

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It’s a very good trade for both teams.  Go get a ring, Sanu

Go get that Ring, Mo. Happy for him.   (better value than expected, but he will be missed. Massively. On and off the field.)

43 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

Good for him and the Falcons. Get that ring bruh. 

Now if only some desperate team will give at least a 3rd for Vic


39 minutes ago, sdogg said:

Now to get a 7th rounder for Vic and Takk. 



Let's pray that Mark Davis has some sort of trait from his father.


He hasn't shown any relation to his father other than last name alone so far, but that can tend to start creeping up on you as you get older lol.

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