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Applying Falcon History to the Current dismal situation?

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The Atlanta Falcon Franchise entered the NFL as the major football franchise in the Deep South in 1966! As a expansion team it was expected they would take a while to field a competitive team and they did! 

But by the early 70s they had a good team and was known League wide as a upset artist! They gained their first winning season in 1973 finishing 9-5! By the late 70s and early 80s they had assembled a team that many thought could win a Super Bowl! They did win the division for the first time in 1980 finishing 12-4! But was dogged by the inability to have back to back winning seasons they skipped a year and returned to the playoffs in 1982? After that a 9 year dought occurred known for rampant coaching changes and very poor drafting! They didn’t see the playoffs again until 1991!

Fast forward to today! The Falcon fan base today is spoiled and they are confused not understanding the history of this team? Many say we went to the Super Bowl in 2017?? But that is fast becoming a faded memory as all we take from it is the historical collapse, not the events and great play that put the team in the game!

This franchise has endured long droughts before and it appears to be on the verge of another one that may become the deepest, darkest, longest drought in team history? 

Looking at the whole bleak picture and the Salary Cap situation? Short of a total purge! The Atlanta Falcons may not field another playoff team until 2025 or later!!!

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