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Now that’s funny

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32 minutes ago, TheUsualStuff said:

Yep... and had we done the same hit to Goff that hurt Matt's ankle, we would have been flagged for going at his knees.

Matt also got hit multiple times in the head... calls that even HE has gotten in the past. The sack he escaped early in the game where the wrapped him up by his head early in the game was even on the line. 

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51 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

Yea love how the refs didnt call a high low on that play.. but hey foye gets a penalty for a clean shot on goff

The call on Foye was bull. Many more players are hurt by the type of take down Donald hurt Ryan on than the hit on Goff. 

remember a few years ago when Jason Babin almost spilt Ryan like a wishbone by grabbing him high and just dropping his body weight down rather than an actual tackle. 

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